Medicina C
Medicina C depicts the workforce in a hospital ward of the biggest health institution dedicated to the care of children and adolescents in Peru: the National Institute for Children’s Health. This body of work was made as part of an artist residency (Fotógrafos Residentes) in which five Peruvian photographers worked with the hospital’s community during one year.
Regarding the choice of subject, the importance of working in Lima’s Children hospital lies in its capacity to host patients that come from all regions in Peru as well as in its focus on providing services for an economically vulnerable sector.
The frontal portraits in Medicina C intend to bring to the foreground the faces of carers, nurse technicians and physicians. Through their demeanour they present individual vulnerabilities and strengths against the backdrop of the challenging context of their professional environment.
One of the intentions of this project was to start a dialogue between the public and the hospital’s community as their stories explore multiple worlds within the social context of Peru.

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